Temple Big Thicket Book Series


By Maxine Johnston, Series Editor

University of North Texas Press Series: Temple Big Thicket Series

The Big Thicket region has fascinated writers and readers for over 150 years.  Efforts to record its character and resources include several exceptional books depicting its legends, social life and culture, and its status as a biological crossroads. The active presence of the Big Thicket National Preserve and its Visitor Center reinforces interest in the Big Thicket.

Each book in the Temple Big Thicket Series is co published with The Big Thicket Association and with the generous assistance of the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. The series aims to publish new works that expand our knowledge of the natural area and its heritage, and to reprint outstanding works that have continuing interest and importance. The publications in this series help to spread general knowledge of East Texas and the Big Thicket area, both regionally and nationally.

6 The Big Thicket Guidebook: Exploring the Backroads and History of Southeast Texas by Lorraine G. Bonney
5 Big Thicket Legacy by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller
4 Big Thicket Plant Ecology: An Introduction, Third Editionby Geraldine Ellis Watson 
3 Reflections on the Neches: A Naturalist’s Odyssey along the Big Thicket’s Snow River by Geraldine Ellis Watson 
2 Saving the Big Thicket: From Exploration to Preservation, 1685-2003 by James J. Cozine, Jr.
1 Tales from the Big Thicket by Dr. F.E. Abernethy

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Temple Foundation awards grant to Big Thicket Association Wednesday, November 21, 2001, Hardin County News 

The T.L.L. Temple Foundation recently notified the Big Thicket Association that the Foundation has approved its grant application for a three-year publication project, 2002-2004. A third partner in the project is the University of North Texas Press in Denton. The Press provides half of the funding for the project, according to BTA President Fred Allen. Press Director Ron Chrisman joins Allen in extending thanks to the Foundation.  

The Temple Foundation has a long record of commitment and support for East Texas improvement and preservation projects. The grant proposes reprints of several out-of-print titles as well as new manuscripts in a “Temple Big Thicket Series,” according to Allen. The first title scheduled for publication in Spring 2002 is Dr. F.E. Abernethy’s Tales from the Big Thicket. Originally published in 1966, the book has been reprinted three times and is again out-of-print.  

As the next volume in the series, the Press will consider Big Thicket Legacyby the late Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller. Both Tales and Legacy are invaluable resources for folklore and for social history Allen said.  

The BTA board earnestly believes the project will contribute for present and future generations a greater understanding of the area and its cultural history. We are honored to be associated with the T.L.L. Temple Foundation and the University of North Texas Press in this exciting and worthwhile venture.  

The Temple Foundation was established in 1952 by Georgia Temple Munz in memory of her father, Thomas Lewis Latane Temple. Temple was an East Texas lumberman who founded the Southern Pine Lumber Company that evolved to the present-day Temple-Inland Industries. The Foundation supports projects in the East Texas area that contribute to community 
improvement, health and medicine, education and human services.