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Neches River Rally
September 7, 2019

Early Bird Registration ends Monday, August, 19


(Call the Neches River Rally office at 409-790-5399 if you have more questions or e-mail director@bigthicket.org)

Do I have be an expert paddler to participate?
The event is moderately strenuous. Participation requires basic paddling skills and some flexibility. Please evaluate your physical condition and use common sense and caution.

How can I register for this event?
Print the registration form on our FB page (or our web-site… fill it out, and mail it in with your payment to NRR Big Thicket Association – 700 North Street, Suite 79, Beaumont, TX 77701 or go to our web-site at http://www.bigthicket.org/neches-river-rally/ and register on-line.

Does the registration rates include a canoe or kayak?
The entry rate paid to participate does not cover the cost of a rental. If you bring your own boat, there is no additional charge. If you need to rent a boat, you will need to contact an outfitter such as www.bigthicketoutfitters.com

How many people can ride in a canoe?
Two (2) people per Tandem or 2 Adults w/ 1 small child (under 100 lbs) can also use a Tandem Canoe. Three (3) Adults paddling together or (2) Adults + (2) small children (under 100 lbs each) must use an X-Large Family canoe to be safe and comfortable. Outfitters offer a very large fleet of canoes & kayaks and can help you decide which one is right for you or your family.

What ages can participate?
Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a family friendly event. See next FAQ’s regarding ages.

Do I need to register my children?
Children ages 12 and under will need to register a child participant. There is a fee for all rally participants.  

Is the rate the same for my 13 year old as it is for me?
Yes, children ages 13 and older that share a canoe or tandem kayak with an adult or paddle a single kayak on their own are charged the same rates as adults.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?
All participants are required to wear a life jacket/vest as well as obey all laws and regulations by local, Texas, and U.S. government agencies.

Can we bring snacks and drinks to have on the paddle?
You can bring snacks, soda, juice, or water to have on the water. This is a family friendly event, so no alcohol is allowed. Please be mindful of packaged snacks and plastic bottles…we do not want to litter these pristine areas.

Can I bring my pet?
No pets please.    
Can I order Rally T-shirts in child sizes?
We will order rally t-shirts in adult sizes only. An adult extra small will be the smallest size available.

My family will be joining me after I paddle. Can I buy extra hamburgers for them?
Extra meal tickets can be purchased at the time you pre-register for the rally. Additional meal tickets are $10 each. We are not set-up to sell extra meal tickets at the rally.

Can I use my Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) for the Rally?
If you want to register for the Rally, you can bring your SUP. Single Kayak Rates Apply.

Why is the Big Thicket Association having a fundraiser?
Entry fees and sponsorships will help support the BTA’s mission of promoting conservation, and environmental education classes on our floating classroom, the Ivory Bill.

I want my whole department at work to sign-up and go as a group. Do you have group discounts?
We have several small groups that are planning to paddle. They are taking advantage of the early discounts. Groups of 10 or more participants will receive a discount of $5 per person (13 years and older - adult rate), please call for a special discount and launch time schedule for your group.

Will there be extra boats, if we come the morning of the Rally? 

No.  Pre-registration is required. Participants are responsible for making rental arrangements with the Outfitter of their choice. Outfitters will bring only the number of boats that they pre-rented to the Rally paddlers.